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2008 PNT Symposium

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2008 PNT Symposium Information Packet & Banquet Speaker

You can download a PDF 2008 PNT Symposium Information packet below. In addition to the 2008 symposium flyer, the information packet contains the agendas for both invited talks and student talks, lists of symposium participants and their associated companies/institutions. Below you will also find a link to Professor Brad Parkinson's banquet dinner presentation.

2008 PNT Symposium Info Packet Thumbnail

2008 PNT Symposium Information Packet (PDF)

2008 PNT Symposium - Parkinson Banquet Presentation Thumbnail

Brad Parkinson's Dinner Talk: The Future of GPS (PDF) 

2008 PNT Symposium Speakers and Presentations

The two tables below display all of the 2008 PNT Symposium invited speaker and student presentations. The presentations are listed alphabetically by the last names of the presenters.

Click on any presentation title in blue text to view/download the presentation file, and in some cases, related video or other files.

View the 2008 PNT Symposium Invited Speaker Presentations

View the 2008 PNT Symposium Student Poster Presentations

2008 PNT Symposium • Invited Speaker Presentations

Speaker Affilation Presentation Title (Blue = Link to Presentation File )
Bob Byer Stanford - Physics LISA - Flying Satellite Constellations to Picometer Precision (PDF)
Dennis Byrnes JPL Interplanetary Navigation Past & Future (PDF)
Chong Cao, Guifei Jings & Ming Luo Tsinghua University / NRSCC / Stanford SOE COMPASS Satellite Navigation System Development (PDF)
Frank Czopek Boeing Pre-Histroy of GPS (PDF)
Mark Dransfield Fugro Geophysical Airborne Surveys (PDF)
Charbel Farhat Stanford Aero Astro Opening Comments
Grace Gao Stanford Aero Astro Understanding Galileo and Compass Signals (PDF)
Christoph Guenther German Aerospace Center /Technische UniversitŠt MŸnchen Reliable Carrier Phase Positioning (PDF)
Ron Hatch NavCom Agriculture and Other High Precision Applications (PDF)
Leo Hollberg NIST Atomic Clocks and Magnetometers for Navigation and Metrology (PDF)
Max Klein Stanford EE PNT Education at Stanford (PDF)
Karl Kovach The Aerospace Corp The Six GPS Anomalies in Oct 07 (PDF)
Daniel Leaf Northrop Grumman Multi-Mode Position Navigation & Time (MM-PNT) (PDF)
Edward LeMaster Lockheed Martin Tech Center Spacecra4 Autonomy, Navigation, and Control Testbed
Col. Dave Madden US Air Force - GPS Wing GPSIII & OCX Development (PDF)
Ken Milnes Sportvision Navigating the sports field (PDF)
Paul Montgomery Novariant Current Trends in Automated Farming (PDF)
Brad Parkinson Stanford - Aero Asto Dinner Talk — The Future of GPS (PDF)
Mark Petovello Univ of Calgary Software Receivers, Multi-GNSS Signals and Impact on Applications (PDF)
Steve Rock Stanford Aero Astro Robotic Exploration of the USS Macon Crash Site
Yi-Hsiu Wang Atheros The Real Marketplace (PDF)

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