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2009 PNT Symposium

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2009 PNT Symposium Information Packet & Banquet Speaker

You can download a PDF 2009 PNT Symposium Information packet below. In addition to the 2009 symposium flyer, the information packet contains the agendas for both invited talks and student talks, lists of symposium participants and their associated companies/institutions. Below you will also find a link to Professor Brad Parkinson's banquet dinner presentation.

Brad Parkinson's Dinner Talk: The Real Origins and Essential Elements of Success in Creating GPS (PDF) 

2009 PNT Symposium Speakers and Presentations

The two tables below display all of the 2009 PNT Symposium invited speaker and student presentations. The presentations are listed alphabetically by the last names of the presenters.

Click on any presentation title in blue text to view/download the presentation file, and in some cases, related video or other files.

View the 2009 PNT Symposium Invited Speaker Presentations

View the 2009 PNT Symposium Student Poster Presentations

2009 PNT Symposium • Invited Speaker Presentations

Speaker Affilation Presentation Title (Blue = Link to Presentation File )
Alex Bayen UC Berkeley--Systems Engineering Mobile Millennium: an example of participatory sensing using smartphones to monitor traffic
Jan Becker Bosch Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving
Bill Bencze Coherent Navigation Iridium Navigation--iGPS (PDF)
Philippe Bouyer CNRS of France Airborne Atom Sensors (PDF)
Peter Brodie ITT Evolution of GPS Payload (PDF)
Chong Cao China Technical Application Association for GPS Status of Compass (Beidou) Development (PDF)
Luca Delgrossi Mercedes-Benz Positioning Challenges in Cooperative Vehicular Safety Systems (PDF)
David DeLorenzo Zanio A Secure Civil GNSS for Today
Leo Eldredge FAA Backup Navigation for Aviation (PDF)
Chris Gerdes Stanford ME--Director of CARS Opening Comments
Ranwa Haddad Aerospace Challenges from an Aquisition Perspective (PDF)
Tom Kenny DARPA & Stanford ME Advances in MEMS Technology (PDF)
Thilo Koslowski Gartner--Managing VP - Automotive Navigation and the Connected Vehicle
Brad Parkinson Stanford--Aero Astro Dinner Talk: The Real Origins and Essential Elements of Success in Creating GPS (PDF)
Mike Pavloff Space Systems Loral EGNOS Implementation on SES's Sirius 5 Satellite (PDF)
Jim Plummer Stanford Dean of Engineering Opening Comments
Dave Podlesney Lockheed Martin GPS III
Balaji Prabhakar Stanford EE & CS It pays to do the right thing
Greg Turetzky SiRF Consumer Location; Beyond Sensitivity (email link for requesting presentation slides)
Lt. Col. Michael Veth Air Force Institute of Technology PNT Challenges for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Requires Adobe Reader v9 or later) (PDF)

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2009 PNT Symposium • Student Poster Presentations

Student/Post Doc Department/School Presentation Title (Blue = Link to Presentation File )
Carsten Barth EE CMOS RF Notch Filter for GNSS receivers (PDF)
Alan Chen Aero Astro Adaptive Sensing for Improving UXO Detection and Discrimination (PDF)
Catherine Kealhofer & Seth Foreman Physics Ultrafast X-Ray Point Source for Space-Based Communications (PDF)
Young Shin Park Aero Astro Enabling the LAAS Differentially Corrected Positioning Service (DCPS) (PDF)
Di Qui Aero Astro Robust Geotag Generation for Security Applications (PDF)
Shankararaman Ramakrishnan Aero Astro Multi-Frequency Reconfigurable Embedded GNSS Receiver Development (PDF)
Andrew Smith Aero Astro Control of Heavy Lift Helicopter Teams (PDF)

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