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2014 PNT Symposium

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2014 PNT Symposium Information Packet & Banquet Speaker

You can download a PDF 2014 PNT Symposium Information packet below. In addition to the 2014 symposium flyer, the information packet contains the agendas for both invited talks and student talks, lists of symposium participants and their associated companies/institutions. Below you will also find a link to David Last's banquet dinner presentation.

2014 PNT Symposium Info Packet Thumbnail

2014 PNT Symposium Information Packet (PDF)

Professor David Last's symposium dinner talk presentation thumbnail

Professor David Last's Dinner Presentation: The Navigation of Navigation (PDF)

2014 PNT Symposium Speakers and Presentations

The two tables below display all of the 2014 PNT Symposium invited speaker and student presentations. The presentations are listed alphabetically by the last names of the presenters.

Click on any presentation title in blue text to view/download the presentation file, and in some cases, related video or other files.

View the 2014 PNT Symposium Invited Speaker Presentations

View the 2014 PNT Symposium Student Poster Presentations

2014 PNT Symposium • Invited Speaker Presentations

Speaker Affilation Presentation Title (Blue = Link to Presentation File )
Roberto Capua Sogei Ambiguity Fixing Results on an SDR Configured Notebook (PDF 3MB)
YC Chao Telenav Navigation and Maps (PDF 3MB)
 Telenav Scout: Open Street Map 10th Anniversary Video
Simone D'Amico Stanford AA Precision GNSS-Based Navigation and Timekeeping for Miniaturized Distributed Space Systems (PDF 5MB)
Persis Drell Stanford Dean of Engineering Welcome & Opening Comments
Hugo Fruehauf The Hugo Fruehauf Company The Development of the GPS System (PDF 4MB)
Grace Gao Univ. of Illinois Cooperative GNSS Authentication: Reliability from Unreliable Peers (PDF 4MB)
Col. David Goldstein Air Force Research Laboratories AFRL PNT and GPS Space Segment Investment Portfolio and Science & Technology Investments (PDF 3MB)
Changdon Kee Seoul National University, South Korea SBAS Implementation Plan in Korea (PDF 7MB)
David Last Royal Institute of Navigation The Navigation of Navigation—Presentation Text and Slides (PDF 3MB)
Deborah Lawrence FAA Air Navigation (PDF 4MB)
Hui Liu Wuhan University and the GNSS Research Center of China Status and Issues for DBDS (PDF 3 MB)
Mingquan LU Tsinghua University New Signal Structures for BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (PDF 1.2MB)
Robert Lutwak DARPA Navigation Systems, Instruments and Sensors (PDF 4MB)
Brad Parkinson Stanford Aero-Astro The US PNT Advisory Board Recommendations regarding The Protect, Toughen and Augment (PTA) Program
Louis Schreier UC Berkeley - Deutsche Telekom Earthquake Early Warning using Smartphones (PDF 3MB)
Col. Matt Smitham USAF GPS Directorate Update on GPS Programs (PDF 2MB)
David Sobel Electronic Frontier Foundation Location Privacy: The Legal Landscape (PDF 2MB)
Mark Stewart Lockheed Martin GPS III (PDF 3MB)
Greg Turetzky Intel Ubiquitous Location (PDF 5MB)
Frank van Diggelen Broadcom and Stanford Aero-Astro How GLONASS failed for 11 hours, and multi-GNSS receivers survived (PDF 4MB)

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2014 PNT Symposium • Student Poster Presentations

Student/Post Doc Department/School Presentation Title (Blue = Link to Presentation File )
Paul Berceau Stanford Physics Precise time and frequency transfer using mode-locked femtosecond laser (PDF 5MB)
Joy Jiao Colorado State Univ. Characterization, Mitigation, and Utilization of Ionosphere Effects on GNSS (PDF 7MB)
Jing Jing Illinois Institute of Technology Instantaneous detection of spatial gradient errors in differential GNSS (PDF 2MB)
Scott Martin Auburn University Improved GPS Carrier Phase Tracking in Difficult Environments Using Vector Tracking Approach (PDF 2MB)
Emily Mcmilin Stanford AA Single Antenna GPS Spoof Detection that is Simple, Static, Instantaneous and Backwards Compatible for Aerial Applications PDF 8MB)
Hamid Mokhtarzadeh University of Minnesota Correlated Data fusion for Networked Navigation: Theory & Application (PDF 3MB)
Adrien Perkins Stanford AA Jammer Acquistion with GPS Exploration and Reconnaissance --JAGER (PDF 4MB)
Tyler Reid Stanford AA Crowdsourcing Arctic Navigation (PDF 11MB)
Daniel 'Cody' Salmon Auburn University An Experimental Exploration of Low-Cost Solutions to Precision Ground Vehicle Navigation (PDF 3MB)
Paul Serra Univ. of Florida Demonstration of sub-nanosecond time transfer to Earth orbit via optical links to nanosatellites (PDF 16MB)
Sumant Sharma Stanford AA Pose Estimation of Uncooperative Spacecraft using Monocular Vision (PDF 10MB)
Alex Wolff Stanford AA Potential radio frequency interference with the GPS L5 band for radio occultation measurements (PDF 15MB)

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